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Ahmed writes:

"Even if he’s not your favorite superhero, one cannot deny the importance of Superman. He’s the first real superhero, and arguably is one of the greatest ever created. So, now that Man of Steel has been released, does it successfully update the hero for the modern world?"

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adorie1821d ago

Man of Steel just threw The Dark Knight Rises to number 2, on my top 10 movies within the last 3 years.

The terraforming scenes are so grand in scale, the sounds emanating from the devices are god-like, loud;destructive menacing sounds that are truly epic.

Also, don't let the rating fool you, tons of people die in this movie. LMAO.

Also, pay attention to the beginning of the film, Superman will be doing crazy inhuman things while the calm, epic music plays. It's both impressive and hilarious at the same time.

Man of Steel is truly an entertaining masterpiece and could be considered as the epitome of action genre.

Last but far from least, Hans Zimmer has another notch on his belt with the score. A movie like this were many things stand out at once is more rare these days than the last few decades and Hans Zimmers talents really highlight the scenes, as he did with Gladiator, the Dark Knight Rises and of course Inception,to name a few.

9.8/10 imo.

Sahil1813d ago

I won't say the movie was bad because it wasn't. But all the characters where so flat and even if the whole earth population would've been eliminated It wouldn't even affect me at all. For me this was a popcorn flick at it's core.