Turbo-Exp Review: Man of Steel

Turbo-Exp writes: It was never going to be easy bringing back Ol' Supes. But it's been a certain amount of time since the last try, which popular culture has now decreed to be 'boring', 'bland' and 'not enough punching' (because obviously the original Donner films had loads of that, to which the movie was obviously a homage to), so it's time to have another one. This one went on a different track, re-doing the origin story, the first teasers showing a deep emotional film into the mechanics of making a superhero. Then we get the other trailers, you know the ones that remind you that Zack Snyder made this movie. Y'know, giant buildings collapsing, weird spider octopus thing attacking Superman, miniguns firing at Superman blah blah blah. There was some trepidation at this point, and early critic reviews seemed to show it as a blaring generic blockbuster. How was it I hear you ask? Here I go.

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