Independent Cinema - The Way, Way Back Review

Independent Cinema writes: Alexander Payne’s The Descendants was an enjoyable look at a man trying to raise a family while his wife is in a coma. That should have been a rather depressing affair, but Nat Faxon and Jim Rash helped Payne write a script that wasn’t too morose for audiences to get behind, winning them an Oscar for best adapted screenplay. Now Faxon and Rash have also moved into the director’s chair, without the aid of Payne, for The Way, Way Back. The comparisons to The Descendants will be hard to avoid, and subsequently, the comparisons to an Alexander Payne script is also inevitable because this film feels way too light-hearted to garner any accolades, but still manages to retain some of the dramatic weight which makes the film worth seeing. It quickly becomes clear that The Way, Way Back doesn’t have the gall to go anywhere too emotional, but instead keeps its distance so the entire family can enjoy the charismatic cast and charming dialogue.

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