Check Out New Footage & 3 Featurettes From Man of Steel

At this point any new trailer, poster, image, etc. from MAN OF STEEL is just an evil reminder that the film is still a month away from being released. Although I've read plenty of his comics I've never been the biggest Superman fan and if you had told me last year I would be this pumped for MAN OF STEEL I probably would have laughed. But now every time there is something new from the movie I start to drool. I also might cruelly call numbers from lost animal signs and scream, "I WILL FIND HIM!" into the phone in my General Zod voice but that has more to do with my mental state than my excitement level for MAN OF STEEL.

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alycakes1832d ago

This will be such a hit and I can't wait to see it.

aDDicteD1824d ago

very nice short featurettes plus there are new bits of scenes added.