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Submitted by RetrospectRealm 1022d ago | interview

Zack Snyder On Man Of Steel Sequels

Empire: The latest issue of Empire comes out this Thursday, April 25, and some Kryptonian folk are on the front cover(s), namely Henry Cavill's Superman and Michael Shannon's Zod, all in honour of Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel.

But with the trailer getting a lot of fans really excited for the film, you can't help but wonder whether a sequel is also on the cards, should Man Of Steel be a soaraway smash hit. (Cinema, Man of Steel, Zack Snyder)

Hergula  +   1022d ago
I may not know everything about Superman, But I do know these three things.

1. Yes, Man of Steel should become a trilogy, with Lex Luthor being teased in the first film.

2. The sequel should revolve around Lex Luthor and Kryptonite

3. Third film should be Superman facing Lex Luthor and/or Doomsday.

To elaborate more on the third point I made: I just feel like, if you know anything about Superman, it is that he and Lex Luthor are like Batman and The Joker. and that when Doomsday and Superman fought in the comics, things didn´t end all to well for Superman. I would just like to see a Superhero film that always doesn´t end positively.
RetrospectRealm  +   1022d ago
Lex Luthor as the criminal in two films? No.

I like the idea of Luthor being a antagonist int he second, but not the main, just a little taste of him. Then in the 3rd he runs for president or something and we get a storyline similiar to the Justice League TV series.
DarkBlood  +   1022d ago
i dont know anything about the justice league tv series unless your talking about the anime but even then its been a while since i recalled that

but i do know thats how smallville sort of ended or hinted at
Hergula  +   1021d ago
No, not a criminal, a villain.

Luthor being the villain in any of the films, depends on which storyline they will go with for Lex Luthor. Nothing is written in stone, and I hardly doubt that they will tease him for 2 movies, only to have him surface in the third, I would much rather see more of him in the second movie than the third. But I guess it is all opinion based.
DarkBlood  +   1021d ago
@Hergula, i think in context he means the same thing villain or Criminal however you want to see it as
markte  +   1021d ago
Lex needs to be in all Superman movies, only as a behind the scenes manipulator and not as the main villain. He should in some way have some kind of scheme in MOS that establishes he is not such a good guy like the public thinks he is. Watch Superman TAS and you will see what is IMO the best portrayal of Lex Luthor.

I think the second movie should be Lex, who Superman already has a problem with due to the scheme in the first movie, enlisting the help of John Corbin to test the effects of kryptonite on Superman. Then after some bad accident, Lex turns Corbin into Metallo. A villain who would be perfect for the movies.

I hope they don't make these movies in trilogy format, because that limits the a lot possibilities.
ps3_pwns  +   1021d ago
1. no it should not be a trilogy
2. The sequal should be brainiac
3. save doomsday for the justice league movie

to elaborate lex luther is a weak human that no one ever believes was ever capable of beating superman. he makes for a crap villian. he needs alien tech to beat superman because human tech is just so wack in comparison so lex gonna have to wait untill he can get some alien tech ideas mixed with kryptonite.
aDDicteD  +   1018d ago
i agree, but lex is good enough to be the main villain in part 2 and probably he should have another secondary villain with lesser threat, and in part 3 i hope it will only revolve with doomsday because that would be a great way to end the trilogy even better than how dark knight ended.
RetrospectRealm  +   1022d ago
@DarkBlood--- The DC Animated Universe Justice League TV Series, the one on Cartoon Network about 7-10 years ago. Lex Luthor ran for president and gained powers of some sort, he then eventually was on the verge of insanity which was caused by his attachment to Braniac.

That brings another idea, Braniac could be the main antagonist in the second film, Luthor has connections to him, Braniac dies but lives on in Luthor's mind, then in the third film Luthor runs for president, plans Doomsday or to take over the world, but eventually goes insane cause of Braniac.
DarkBlood  +   1021d ago
ah i see i remeber one of the episodes is that the one where flash had to run around the world really fast to break the braniac armour and then almost got sucked into some portal?
StarWarsFan  +   1021d ago
I still miss the original score by John Williams. I really think the movie could use an iconic theme to identify with.
Empire X  +   1021d ago
If it's Braniac & Lex I'm all for it but Lex alone not so much. I want to see Superman going at it with those that are just as powerful as he is.
aDDicteD  +   1015d ago
brainiac and lex makes a lot of sense and i do believe they work well in the animated features. i cannot think of anymore villain that can compliment each other rather than the 2 aforementioned..and definitely luthor will be likely included in the sequel. he is an integral part of the franchise.
BklynBadBoy0069  +   1021d ago
im sick of Lex Luthor and Kryptonite in the superman movies
he Should not be a Main villain.. unless you mix him with Brainiac.. What i would love too see is Superman Doomsday or Darkseid
tarbis  +   1021d ago
I don't want to see Lex alone. It's either Lex+Metallo, Lex+Bizarro or Lex+Darkseid.

I believe Supes x Brainiac is gonna be one heck of a battle alone even without Lex.
And if you want something really cool. Supes x Lobo x another villain.
RetrospectRealm  +   1021d ago
No way would Lex side with Darkseid. If you watch the Justice League Unlimited series, when Darkseid comes to Earth to destroy it, Lex knows he's finally gotten into too serious of crap, so he takes his team of supervillains to the Justice League for help.

As for any movie with Lex planning Doomsday, NO WAY. Like in those JLU final episodes with Darkseid where villains and heroes teamed up, they told the JL "It's our world too you know". Lex isn't some psycho-maniac who would risk his own life in order to destroy the whole world and everyone in it.

Lex and Bizarro would be to cheesy, simple as that.

Lex and Metallo would be alright, but I'd much prefer Lex and Braniac like in the JLU story arc.

Lex Luthor should have some kind of scheme in the first two films (or just the first) to which the public thinks he is still a good guy, but Superman knows he's not. Then he tries to run the world or the country or something huge in his starring role as main villain WITH Braniac or something else. Just Luthor as a main villain would not fare so well. How would Superman ever fight with Luthor? He'd kill him unless Luthor got superpowers like in Justice League. That's why we need Braniac or someone on his side. Luthor and Braniac could star in the second film, then Luthor goes insane as Braniac takes his mind over at the end of the second film.
Hergula  +   1019d ago
I like the way you think, yet I doubt they will be taking any ideas from the animated series, they will most likely choose a comic book story arc.
aDDicteD  +   1015d ago
good observations, lex and brainac looks good on paper and that would be my assumption as well but hergula made a good argument about comic book arcs, i am not that familiar with graphic novels of superman i only read a few but it is very likely that the following sequels will be based on some scenarios that happened in the novel. i almost forgot that chris nolan is in this project as well and is famous for injecting integral parts of the novel and compiles it in the movie like dark knight has numerous throwbacks in the novels.
aDDicteD  +   1015d ago
They did not design man of steel as a trilogy like batman they say...well the fans and the $$money$$ will decide for them otherwise.

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