The Daily Rotation - The Lords of Salem Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Controversial musician turned filmmaker Rob Zombie is back with another horror movie years after Halloween II pretty much pushed him off of the map as far as respectable horror directors are concerned. The Lords of Salem is Zombie’s worst film by far, also becoming one of the worst films that I’ve ever had to sit through. Salem is a tedious piece of work, stretched out far beyond its reach and starring Sheri Moon Zombie as one of the worst characters ever to grace the screen. The Lords of Salem is the lowest form of filth on screen that can be viewed, wasting its visual style on a hybrid presentation that doesn’t quite cut it as a music video, while also not making any sense as a film."

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Hergula2067d ago

*How you know if a website will lose its credibility sooner or later? It gives a score of 1/10.*

No offence but 1/10? Seriously? and saying: "I’m not one to get easily offended, yet The Lords of Salem offended me"?

How can a movie possibly offend anyone? I just dont get that. Nice read though.

MinimeJer052058d ago

I appreciate the read and certainly respect your comment, but I must say that I RARELY (if ever) give out 1/10s. Usually really bad films still end up with a 3 or 4, but I kid you not Lords of Salem was THAT bad.

Hergula2058d ago

I apologize for being too harsh, especially since I have yet not seen the movie myself, I just have a hard time imagining any film being a 1/10, But I will watch it today, and get back to you.

aDDicteD2058d ago

a 1/10 score is very rare but some films deserve to get that low score. i am not particularly sure about the film on hand directed by rob zombie because i have not seen it, however the sequel of the halloween he did was terrible i would have easily put it as a 2/10, meaning to say, i wont be surprise if he does really bad projects because it already happened before.

Sahil2061d ago

Haha.. 1/10, this was so bad, N ever thought I'd see it but I saw, totally deserving of the score.

aDDicteD2061d ago

based on the article, it clearly states that this particular film is rob zombies worst project if that is so, then it has beaten Halloween 2 which i think was one of the most disappointing movies ever created. this film might be crappy from start to finish if it is indeed better than Halloween 2