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The Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie’s latest writer-director effort, feels like a throwback to Satanic-themed horror of the past. It follows a radio DJ as she deals with the effects of a curse dating back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials.

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Best-Horror-Movies1584d ago

Fans of Rob Zombies previous film will most likely not like this film at all.

pompombrum1583d ago

Does that mean people who hate Rob Zombies movies might actually like it then? House of a thousand corpses has the most misleading title ever and Halloween 2 was a huge F-U you halloween fans.

Best-Horror-Movies1582d ago

It's very possible, but I cant guarantee it. Its a slow burn film.

Sahil1578d ago

Uhm.. I'm not going to watch this, looks like a really bad horror movie. Like, really bad