Superhero Movies 2013 Taking Over!

Each year we see more and more movies coming out from comic books stories, will they be taking over the majority of movies coming out or is it just a current trend?

Super Hero movies is a risky film to create, over the years we have seen a lot of them fail and some recently succeed extraordinarily. Marvel has probably had the most success over the last couple of years and I think it is because they created a recipe that works. Get a good writer which knows the character and is a fan, get the right actor/s to play in the film and bring the whole universe together with future films.

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arukas1941d ago

Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 please!
superhero movies are just refreshing the way to tell a story and is a challenge for the next movies... as director producer or actor u got to tell a great story so great that even without effects u can say WOW!!!!

So after superhero movies are done... be prepared...

TheWolverine1941d ago

Do we really consider the crew of the Enterprise as superheroes?

Fr0zeBud1941d ago

That why we wrote not really superhero movie but deserves to be on the list