Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Short Film "Red Rising"

Since its the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers, these guys made a pretty good short film about the Red Ranger.

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OneAboveAll2054d ago

This was pretty painful to watch. I know it's a fan film but good grief was it bad.

wishingW3L2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I agree man, this was a piece of trash, music and everything. Couldn't even watch it completely. =/

This is one of those few times that I can say "I could have made something WAY better" and I wouldn't be lying.

Now this was really well made:

Avalanche2054d ago

Sooooo not one thing was good? not the Motorcycle sequence? not the Helmet? Attire? SFX? Nothing? u are saying this was Battlefield Earth? Honestly sounds like you are hating just to hate.

Avalanche2054d ago

I disagree. Thought the begining was awesome. Middle was ehh and the reveal was great. It wasnt amazing but it sure as heck wasnt unwatchable.

TopNotch7032054d ago

First off let me say that is a sick bike! :p Loved the build up of suspense. Great work!

DaRealSho2054d ago

That was amazing! In response to "OneAboveAll" did you read the description? Reading how little they had to work with, it's pretty amazing what they came up with! Good effort for sure!

OneAboveAll2054d ago

It wasn't "Amazing". Bad actors, poor choreography and a lack of sound effects.

I don't care that they had "limited" resources. Money doesn't make someone a good actor. They just chose the actors very poorly. You are telling me they couldn't have pulled in some sound effects? Which you can probably find some completely FREE ON THE INTERNET?

Anyone who says this is amazing doesn't know the definition.

DaRealSho2054d ago

You my friend, are forgetting its fan made and not hollywood made. Sound effects yes, they could have been better. Actors cost money. Clearly they had a zero budget. Maybe they could have gone out and got some decent ones for free, maybe thats what they did? No microphone, and nothing to use for sound mixing is what it seems like. From a filmmaking stand point, it was good. The DP had good shots, the intro to the ranger was good, the vfx were good. The end tease, was good. Motorcycle sequence was amazing.

You are nitpicking. But hey, it wasn't your cup of tea. As a ranger fan, I'm glad these guys put the effort. I'd love to see what they could do with a budget. Also be civil before personally attacking people here, saying I don't know the definition when I do. Thank you have a nice day.

OneAboveAll2054d ago

Actors do cost money but the ones he hired were TERRIBLE. I could act better than that. I'm standing my ground. It was BAD.

DaRealSho2053d ago

Nothing wrong with standing your ground and holding your opinion. I enjoyed it considering the resources. You don't enjoy indy flicks with a zero budget.

They probably werent even actors. And actually I stumbled on a interview with the director at

They weren't wanna be actors or anything. Any ways, not a bad short.

I also researched some comments you drop here, you're a pretty big downer. Lots of negative feedback in most of your post.

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The story is too old to be commented.