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James Bond Rumor: Christopher Nolan Could Write and Direct the Next 2 Daniel Craig 007 Movies Back in June, Christopher Nolan said he is "serious" in wanting to write and direct a James Bond movie. Well it seems a new rumor has surfaced in the wake of some other brand new news.

The news that actor Daniel Craig has signed on to play 007 for two more films has generated a rumor that is buzzing around Hollywood inner circles, according to one of The Daily Superhero's sources.

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medman2110d ago

Wow!!! This would be sick!! Nolan is no doubt one of the best doing it these days, and along with Tarantino he tops the list for me. Some of the movies he's had a creative role in (Momento, Inception, The Dark Knight, The Prestige) are among my all time favorites. The Daniel Craig Casino Royale remake was my favorite Bond film of all time, and Quantum of Solace was very good also. Nolan directing and writing a Bond role for Craig would be amazing. Hope this comes to fruition.

Leio2110d ago

Dam if he really wants it it will be huge