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The Amazing Spider-Man Exclusive News: Other Studios Scared This Could be Sony's Biggest Movie Ever The Amazing Spider-Man is set to release in under three weeks and Sony's marketing for the new Spidey reboot is full steam ahead with clips, trailers and television spots a plenty.

After speaking with a Hollywood insider, who spoke with a few studio insiders at Sony competing studios, we here at SuperHero Authority can confirm other studios are ridiculously scared of this movie and that they think it could be Sony's biggest movie ever, when it hits theaters...

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darklordzor2137d ago

I hope it's their biggest movie. I desperately don't want this movie to suck. I love Spider-Man and hope it's everything I want it to be.

SHA2136d ago

Could not agree more.

Soldierone2136d ago

I couldn't be more pumped for it, and I'm purposely avoiding the marketing to not get anymore spoilers lol

and its funny, just a few months ago all the same people were saying it was going to suck lol, marketing at its finest.

StarWarsFan2136d ago

I'm somewhat skeptical that it'll be the biggest movie ever for Sony.