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John Carter Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "This might come as a surprise, but I actually really enjoyed John Carter. Unlike 99% of critics I found John Carter to be a refreshing and bold sci-fi adventure that I haven’t seen since the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s got fun characters, a light tone and some great storytelling. The only problem is the overabundance of story that director Andrew Stanton tries to tackle. Ultimately John Carter is a flawed science fiction epic and I’ll take it over the rest of Hollywood’s big-budget disasters, with shallow plots, uninteresting set pieces and the general risk-free environment most filmmakers operate in."

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TheHip142181d ago

Such an underrated movie

Kurylo3d2181d ago

becoming poorly rated usually happens to dumb movies.

Soldierone2181d ago

Really enjoyed this movie, looking forward to buying it on Blu-ray soon.

hilyou2180d ago

I enjoyed this movie too. Beginning was slow but once John Carter met the Princess of Mars, the speed went up. I kind of liked and hated the ending at the same time.

aDDicteD2171d ago

might get it soon, had some very decent reviews