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January Contest Winners

JL|2083d ago |Blog Post|4|

Below, you will find the list of all winners for the month of January. Congratulations to all of you. For everybody else, don't despair. February will provide more chances to win cool prizes. You can check that out at the following link:

Now without further ado, the winners...

Christopher Nolan Autograph
Winner: Crazay

Top Contributors
1st: alycakes - $75
2nd: Blink_44 - $50
3rd: n4gboy - $25

Book Winners

All winners will be contacted shortly via PM.

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Crazay2083d ago


Seriously? That's freaking AMAZING! Thanks JL and congrats everyone else.

alycakes2083d ago

Thank you JL and congrats to you all....I'm so happy. Wow!

aDDicteD2080d ago

Congrats to all winners ^_^