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October Winners

JL|2176d ago |Blog Post|3|

Well Halloween is behind us, so that means October is over. That means we have our lucky winners for the month. That means we also have new contests. For now, you can check out the winners below.

Jurassic Park Trilogy:

Top Commentor (Walking Dead book):

n4gboy - $75
Crazay - $50

For new chances to win cool prizes, check out our November contests:

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alycakes2176d ago

Cool...thanks that show and I know nothing about the book so I'll be able to get more informed now.

Congrats to all of you...good work everybody.

Crazay2176d ago

Thanks JL - Congrats everyone.

darklordzor2174d ago

Wow! This is so freaking cool! I desperately wanted this too. I really wasn't sure how I could afford it and had resigned myself to waiting it out and saving my pennies. This is just too cool. Thanks!