FTG-Nerd Review: The Dictator

The creator of Ali G, Brüno, and Borat is back! Sacha Baron Cohen is now Admiral General Aladeen of the Republic of Wadiya in The Dictator from Paramount Pictures. Is this on par with Charlie Chaplin’s Hitler caricature in The Great Dictator? Or is it just another crude stereotype trying to squeeze a little more life out of the rampant success of Borat?

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HenderShot2083d ago

I've been wanting to see this when it comes out. I'll have to see for myself how it is.

Batman52732083d ago

And I totally say that you do. My review is just my opinion. Others will agree or disagree with that. That's I gave it the middle grade.

mushroomwig2083d ago

Ouch, totally not what I was expecting.

GanjaMan2082d ago

nor was i but on rt its got 75% fresh ratin http://www.rottentomatoes.c...