First Two Clips from Jeff Nichols' 'Mud' Starring Matthew McConaughey

One of the more baffling realizations about this year's Cannes Film Festival line-up is the fact Matthew McConaughey, an actor many associate with his tendency for walking around without a shirt on in rom-coms opposite Kate Hudson over high quality independent features, has two films in the fest. Last night I premiered a clip featuring McConaughey opposite John Cusack in his other Cannes entry, The Paperboy (watch that here), and today I have a pair of clips featuring Matty McC in Jeff Nichols's new film Mud.

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alycakes2201d ago

He has been a busy boy this year. Sometimes he goes a long time before making a movie and this last year I think he's done 3 or 4 movies. This one also looks promising for him.