Michelle Rodriguez to Star in Machete Kills And Return for Fast And Furious 6

The Collider:
Movies keep trying to kill Michelle Rodriguez, but luckily she keeps finding a way to come back. Rodriguez is set to return in two sequels: one, a true sequel in Machete Kills and one, the sixth installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise. As for director Robert Rodriguez’s sequel, Michelle Rodriguez will reprise her role as Luz, the leader of an illegal immigrant aid movement known as the Network. She’ll be starring alongside Mel Gibson who recently joined the cast.

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alycakes2178d ago

Well...that should be a surprise to the group in Fast & Furious since she is suppose to be dead...should be good to find out where she's been all this time.

I thought she was in the first Machete also anyway....was I wrong?

DarkBlood2177d ago

the resurrection is strong with this one

note resident evil 5 and this

alycakes2177d ago

Yeah...they're bringing her back in Resident Evil and another one of the characters that has died before in the past in the series so why don't they bring back Carlos...that's the one I'd like to see come back (but as a good guy).