The Newbie's Guide to The Avengers

Marron Marvel "The most important part of enjoying the upcoming Avengers movie is to not sweat the little stuff. Hoity-toity comics fans may get in a tizzy if you don't know the entire history of every member of the Avengers, but don't worry about it. Firstly, the Avengers (in the comic books) has been an evolving team of superheroes with many different heroes coming and going over the years. Also, these are also the kind of jerks that think they're better than you because they read comics and watch the movies, not just the latter, so forget 'em. You don't need an extended history of every comic book character to enjoy the movie. In fact, there are really just a handfull of people you need to know about, and then you can wak into the film and enjoy the ride."

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