The Avengers Review (NoTR)

When the world is in danger, SHIELD recruits the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Avengers has finally hit the big screen, and Nerds on the Rocks shares its review of one of the summer's first major movies.

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Kingdom Come2187d ago

I went to see Avengers at IMAX on it's release here in the UK, simply incredible. And, I can't believe I'm saying this, but as someone who's been readin comics since I was around 5 (I'm 18 now), Avengers actually beat The Dark Knight. It was sheer perfection...

RufustheKing2187d ago

TBF the Dark knight was only good because of the joker. batman begins is better. anyway saw avengers and it was good but not great. hulk steals the show IMO and all the characters work great together but there wasn't that ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you would expect from a big action movie with that many superheros in it. 8.5/9 out of 10 worth watching

GameTavern2187d ago

Do we need to always compare films?
Can they both not be great films on their own accord?

gaden_malak2187d ago

Avengers isn't better than the Dark Knight.

level 3602187d ago

Spectacular film.

One of the best so far for this year.

Quite sure the reason they picked Joss Whedon is his supreme talent to get the best out of his ensemble casts' and he has done it all in spades.