New Hobbit Footage Shows Bilbo And Gollum Trading Riddles


If you haven’t already figured it out, 2012 is turning out to be one hell of a year in Hollywood. In addition to the fact that the quality of film’s has been dramatic and surprising in the last few months, this year is packed with an astounding number of event films, including The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man and Skyfall. But with so many huge titles set to come out this summer and fall, we can’t forget the gigantic film that will be released at the very end of the year: Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

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Crazay2219d ago

seems to me that from what i'm reading the whole 48frames per second isn't getting the fanfare that Peter Jackson was hoping for. I wonder if seeing it is anything like looking at those new TVs with the 240+hz refresh. I find them to be very difficult to watch because nothing looks normal.

CPO2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

You are right about the TV thing. Many people have troubles. And in a couple years 240 hz will be the new low-end standard. They are already coming out with 960 hz and nowadays the new mid-high end are typically 480. As usual, the industry mucks with a technology just so they have a new thing they can pump out every year and in the end just makes things worse. :-(

Crazay2217d ago

Really? I had no idea they were releasing TVs with refresh rates like that. That's going to look odd. I mean people are already bitching about 48fps in the hobbit.

CPO2217d ago

this is a reply to 1.1.1 :-)
Yes to the TVs with the high refresh rate. One of our staff members sells electronics in retail as their day job. 960s are actually in prototype mode only right now, but will be out in a year or two. 480 is the new mid-high end as said before. For instance 2 years ago 240hz were in $3000 TVs. Now you can get 480s for less than that. Probably $2000 for a 40".