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Are These The Most Anticipated 2012 Films

Thousands of film fans responded to the survey, which was posted on during the first weeks of December. According to male moviegoers, the most anticipated blockbuster of 2012 will be Warner Bros’ The Hobbit, while for females, it’s Summit’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. When it comes to remakes, men are most anticipating Sony’s Total Recall while women are most looking forward to Warner Bros’ The Great Gatsby. Several studios are missing from these lists, so it looks like some marketing departments have to play catch-up in the coming months.

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DarkBlood2326d ago


Dark Knight Rises
Amazing Spider-Man
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2
Men in Black III
The Hunger Games
Total Recall
Snow White And The Huntsman

for me

DarkBlood2326d ago

damn it too late ot edit i'll just add them here lol

Ghostrider Spirit of Vengence
Underworld 4
Expendables 2

alycakes2326d ago

For me it's:
Dark Knight Rises
Hunger Games
Underworld 4
Ghostrider Spirit of Vengence
G.I. Joe 2
Dark Shadows
Expendables 2
Amazing Spiderman
Snow White and the Huntsman

I thought Iron Man 3 was coming out in 2012 but I guess it's in 2013 so

DarkBlood2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

crap i forgot about those movies i only said what i saw on the list lol need to edit

hmm wouldnt that not make sense releasing iron man 3 in the same year as the character already appears in avenger

granted im sure it would make boatloads of money though

alycakes2326d ago

I was asking too much.

EverestGirl2325d ago

I'm still sad there won't be more Harry Potters. I'll recover.

StarWarsFan2325d ago

The Hobbit and The Avengers are probably the biggest ones coming. I'm curious how The Amazing Spider-Man will be received by audiences.

alycakes2325d ago

ooops! Forgot about the Hobbit movie...I'm looking forwar to that one too...