Jurassic Park IV Script "Must Be Good" Or Film Stays In Development Purgatory

The sequel 10 years in the making awaits the perfect script. But will it take more to get 'Jurassic Park 4' greenlit?

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Blink_441825d ago

I thought movies needed bad scripts to be made, my bad.

pomoluese1825d ago

No they need good scripts so that they can mess them up as much as possible.

StarWarsFan1825d ago

The script must be good? Shocking!

alycakes1824d ago

I seriously wouldn't mind seeing another one. I really liked all of them. Of course the first one to me was the best of all but I still enjoyed the other two.

Nelly_Nel_7131824d ago

The first movie will always be the best...

alycakes1824d ago

In most cases yes...if you take the Twilight movies though....not so much. The first one was okay...the second one was just the worst movie ever...then came the 3rd one and it was great! So the 3Rd one was the best so far because I haven't seen the one that's out right now #4 but I heard it was good too.

MinimeJer051824d ago

This is reassuring news lol.