An Unexpected Journey: Quint On The Set Of The Hobbit Part 3 – Beginnings and Endings

Quint from AICN says

Welcome to the third and final Hobbit article focusing on the Matamata (Hobbiton) section of the big location shoot as The Hobbit crew moves all around New Zealand.

Main unit spent 5 days in Matamata with second unit getting aerial and pick-up shots after the circus moved on to the next location.

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Crazay1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

This is the 3rd and final installment of Quints journey to the set of Hobbiton. It's one hell of a piece and my favorite article he's written on this adventure. Very cool info about how when they built Hobbiton this time to stay there and remain a tourist attraction.

alycakes1852d ago

I can't believe they're already on part 3. That's a lot faster than Lord of the Rings.

Crazay1851d ago

they rarely if ever film in sequence. They have a very long haul ahead of them.

alycakes1851d ago

Yes, I know that but it still just seem like it hasn't been that long ago when they started this...maybe it has and time is just going by faster and faster as I'm getting older.

Blink_441851d ago

Wait, there's a part 3??!

Crazay1851d ago

No i'm pretty sure it's only 2 still. This is the 3rd part to his set visit. Perhaps Aly just misread it.

Blink_441851d ago

Ah alright I just misunderstood it.