First Look at Schwarzenegger on the Set of The Last Stand

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has tweeted this photo of himself with Luis Guzman, Johnny Knoxville and Jaimie Alexander on the set of director Kim Jee-Woon's action film The Last Stand, coming to theaters on January 18, 2013.

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Crazay2000d ago

This is kinda cool but kinda not at the same time. I love seeing Arnie back in movies, but he's really showing his age...Also, I guess this means he's done what needed to be done for The Expendables? I was hoping to see a little more of his character.

pomoluese2000d ago

I don't think he looks that bad compared to what he looked like in some of his photos as governator.

DaRazorback1999d ago

I have to admit, I was thinking the same thing as you.

darklordzor2000d ago

Is he already done filming Expendables 2 then? Last picture we saw a couple weeks ago was from that set. Wow, he's gotten pretty busy lately.

Crazay2000d ago

Seriously - that's what I was thinking too.

darklordzor2000d ago

Well, it makes me wonder how big his role in Expendables 2 really is, or if they're just moving that quickly on the production, that he can now switch over to this.

zag2000d ago

Is only did 2 3 lines worth in the first movie

Whitefox7892000d ago

Arnie did four days of filming with Expendables 2 so its definitely bigger than the 1.5 min cameo he had in the first one.

StarWarsFan2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

He's back and he has a badge!

DeadManMcCarthy2000d ago

LMAO!, nice one haha.

It's weird seeing Arnie so out of shape he used to look like the sort of guy you'd trust with your life.

Si-Fly1999d ago

He was born in 1945 for fucks sake, what do you think you'll look like at 66 years of age?!!

CynicalVision1999d ago

Why is Johnny Knoxville there? The guy can't act.

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