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CGM's Top Ten Genre Movies of 2013

764d ago - You might have been too busy playing games and anticipating new consoles to notice, but 2013 was... | Culture

The Last Stand Blu-ray Review - WGTC

990d ago - Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in his first lead... | Blu-ray

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The Blu-ray Breakdown: May 21, 2013

995d ago - Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes: This week in the continuing roller coaster that is the... | Blu-ray

Independent Cinema - The Last Stand Review

1094d ago - Independent Cinema writes: Returning to film after a hiatus can feel a little off for both partie... | Cinema

The LRA Show Ep. 86 - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

1106d ago - LRA writes: After an unexpected weeks hiatus, we are back with a bunch of stuff to catch up on su... | Cinema

The Last Stand Review | Examiner

1107d ago - David Weaver from the Examiner writes: Developed as a vehicle to re-introduce Schwarzenegger back... | Cinema

Entertainment Fuse - The Last Stand Review

1107d ago - As a Western-inspired B-movie, The Last Stand is competent at its best and painful at its worst,... | Cinema

Push-Start Review: The Last Stand

1108d ago - Vicki Dolley writes: "Whilst the opening is tedious and the plotline is flat, this is a movie mad... | Cinema

Uber Reviews: The Last Stand Review

1109d ago - A review of the disappointing new Arnie action flick. In a small and quiet town near the Mexic... | Cinema

The Last Stand Review | Clickonline

1112d ago - Clickonline writes: "For his part, Arnie remains surprisingly watchable. As contemporaries like S... | Cinema

2013 Car Chase/Racing Films

1116d ago - VaRaces: "2012 may have had a slow start in terms of high-octane Hollywood car chase content, but... | Culture

The Last Stand Review - Movies Hate You Too

1117d ago - Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting career began years before his... | Cinema

The Last Stand Review at Skewed and Reviewed

1118d ago - Neil of Skewed and Reviewed Seattle has posted his review for the film "The Last Stand". The movi... | Cinema

CGM Reviews: The Last Stand

1119d ago - Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shtick was getting a little stale in the 2000s with crap like The 6th Day... | Cinema

The Daily Rotation - The Last Stand Review

1119d ago - Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in director Kim Jee-Woon‘s fir... | Cinema

The Last Stand | Geekenstein Review

1120d ago - "Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in his first major starring movie role since 2003 in Lionsgate’s T... | Cinema

The Last Stand Review | IGN

1120d ago - IGN: "The Last Stand is a formulaic action flick, but it still delivers enough decent car stunts,... | Cinema

The Last Stand: ShockYa Movie Review

1121d ago - ShockYa: It’s been a long, tough road for the action heroes of yesteryear. While most have been j... | Cinema

Jaimie Alexander "Wonder Woman" Needs The 'Bourne' Treatment

1126d ago - MTV: Jaimie Alexander is a big comic book fan. She not only gets to play Lady Sif in the "Thor"... | Cinema

The Last Stand Poster Debut

1133d ago - IGN: Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to screens later this month in hard-hitting action thriller T... | Cinema

Schwarzenegger Returns In The Last Stand - Trailer

1158d ago - Lionsgate has released the trailer for The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger's much-anticipated r... | Cinema

Five Reasons To Look Forward To 2013: TV/Movies Edition

1169d ago - Leviathyn | 2013 is looking to be huge for entertainment! You need to be ready and our TV/Movies... | Cinema

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has an Enormous Gun in Final Poster For "The Last Stand"

1182d ago - FilmFracture: Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the big-screen in his first headlining role in,... | Cinema

The Last Stand Final Trailer

1185d ago - Mania: There is an excellent chance that you saw the final official trailer for Arnold Schwarzen... | Cinema

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rocks in New Trailer for ‘The Last Stand’

1190d ago - Screen Rant: He promised us that he’d be back, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is delivering in a big w... | Cinema
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The Last Stand

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