'Hobbit' Filming Delayed After Peter Jackson Is Hospitalized

The director is recovering after undergoing surgery for a perforated ulcer in New Zealand.

Filming on The Hobbit has been pushed back a bit after director Peter Jackson was admitted to a New Zealand hospital with acute stomach pains.

Jackson went to to Wellington Hospital on Wednesday night and underwent surgery for a perforated ulcer, according to a statement from the production. He is said to be resting comfortably, and doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

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darklordzor2474d ago

Wow, I hope he's okay. I know filming always takes it out of him. I mean, look at all the weight he lost when he was worried about making King Kong. He gets real immersed in his work, and I worry that one day a film might actually kill him. Let's hope he gets to feeling better soon!

gaffyh2474d ago

He needs to start eating, ulcers get worse if you don't eat, so he needs to eat regularly. He's probably forgetting to eat due to the stress of work, and stress + not eating makes things more and more worse.

Grip2473d ago

he eats alot look how much wight he gain.

zerocrossing2474d ago

I guess you could say he has a bad hobbit... lol, sorry ^^;

I hope he does get better soon though, sounds like he genuinely cares about his films, we need more like him.

Bathyj2473d ago

You could say that.

No one actually would though.

darklordzor2474d ago

Must be...his influence IS everywhere.

Lord_Sloth2474d ago

Hope he's okay but don't care for crying Hobbits for an hour's worth of a film.

CPO2474d ago

Not to be sticklers, but isn't this old news? When you click through to the story it says posted Jan 26th!

Just don't want everyone thinking Jackson is sick AGAIN, or start one of those internet urban rumours!

darklordzor2473d ago

Holy crap! It's amazing this got approved!

alycakes2474d ago

I'm sorry guys....I was reading another story about him and the Hobbits when the icon took me to this one and I didn't notice the date but CPO is right....this is an old bad!