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Lautner, Cage & Slater To Join The Expendables II?

Taylor Lautner, Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater are the latest actors linked to the all star sequel The Expendables II.

According to reports, director Simon West (Con Air) has offered roles to Lautner, Cage and Slater. Roles have also been offered to Christopher Lambert and Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen.

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darklordzor2466d ago

Nicolas Cage I could see because he has had a pretty decent stint in action movies, but Lautner...? Come on. I'm not really down for that one. I want to keep it with the classics.

Sahil2465d ago

agree.. sometimes experiments should be put to rest :)

gaffyh2465d ago

Donnie Yen - Yes.
Nicholas Cage - Maybe/No.
Lautner - Definitely not, unless he dies immediately in the film and is Van Damme's son, and is his reveng reason to join the battle. (LOL).

Christopher Lambert - Not sure, he's good in Highlander, but it's not really an action film.

Cojomo2466d ago

Expendables 1 was terrible seems like 2 will be worse

gaffyh2465d ago

I thought it was pretty damn good, only thing I didn't like was that it focused on Jason Statham too much.

Quagmire2465d ago

Well, there goes my hopes.

The only inclusion Expendables needed was Michael Jai White

Sahil2465d ago

I thought the expendables was about hard basterd dudes..not pretty boys and goofy guys.

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