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Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confirmed for 'Dark Knight Rises'

THR says:

Warner Bros confirmed today that Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, which is being billed as the “conclusion of the Dark Knight legend,” meaning the end of Christopher Nolan’s run on the Batman movies.

The two have been in various stages of negotiations for months, with much speculation on who the two are playing.

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Crazay2800d ago

None of the previous rumors proved to be true now.

filmmattic2800d ago

Damn rumor mill. It's ineffectiveness and routine red herrings never cease to amaze me.

Castor2799d ago

Yea, that's why they are called rumors ahah

filmmattic2799d ago

You're exactly right.

But my contention is not a referendum against "rumors," which by definition, are unverified and require no defense. My concern, which is tantamount to the media's relentless pursuit for news, has to do with the fact that these purported "rumors" were spread by institutions that uphold high standards of journalistic integrity. That's what was damning to me, and is quite honestly, a very disconcerting development for information exchange.

UnSelf2799d ago

*farts loudly*


ReservoirDog3162799d ago

The other rumors were before* Nolan started writing the actual script though.

And he's known for reusing people.

LtSkittles2800d ago

I'm kind of disappointed, but happy at the same time.

-MD-2800d ago

Why are you disappointed?

LtSkittles2800d ago

That JGL's not playing Alberto Falcone, and that he's playing a cop.

darklordzor2799d ago

Yep, same reason I'm a little disappointed as well. But I'm very excited to, because this means there is still a big element of surprise with this film. Nice to know it's still possible.

Whoooop2799d ago

I said since the beginning that I didn't mind the role as long as Joseph was in it.

So, I'm happy.

I hope he has enough camera action though.

alycakes2800d ago

Well I'm glad to see them both. They're both great actors but it will be strange seeing them together in this movie right after they acted together in Inception. Maybe the parts they play will help me forget.

NESpower2799d ago

Just bring on The Dark Knight sequel...can't wait.

Castor2799d ago

Seems like pretty minor roles imo, we shall see.

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