The Dark Knight Rises Plot Synopsis Reveals Dr. Hugo Strange Is the Villain?

Movieweb: My Entertainment World, which is a film production site used by crew members and actors to find jobs in the industry, has updated their information for The Dark Knight Rises, and this new story description indicates that Dr. Hugo Strange is, in fact, the main villain in Christopher Nolan's trilogy ending Batman sequel.

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Quagmire2799d ago

Unless Robin Williams is cast as Hugo, Im not liking it.

JL2799d ago

Oddly enough, Robin Williams was pushing to get involved with this movie and play the role of Hugo Strange just last year.

Downtown boogey2799d ago

Maybe that's why he said it

Christopher2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

If this is true, I gotta say... kind of weird that Batman: Arkham City is doing the same thing. I would love to see Robin Williams in the role, though.

MastaMold2799d ago

Maybe they mean Batman Arkham City not The Dark Knight Rises

KonohagakureFC2799d ago

Was thinking the same thing

AuToFiRE2799d ago

whoever turns down robin williams is an idiot

darklordzor2799d ago

I don't know. I can honestly say, I'd be happy to not have Hugo Strange in this movie. I don't think his reasons would make as much sense all things considered. Since Batman is now an out-law in this film, why would Strange want to take over that position? Wouldn't he want to wait until Batman was high on the hog again?

Besides which I think there are plenty of characters already in this movie that will work well need to mix in more.

filmmattic2799d ago

I'm purposefully trying to avoid anymore "plot" updates for this film (I'm not jumping to the above story). This site and a gazillion others are making it difficult. I may as well move to Alaska for the next year or so and hibernate with the local Alaskan Eskimos in an igloo.

darklordzor2799d ago

Well the good news for you then, is that about 90% of the stories that go up, end up debunked fairly quickly. Truth is no one really knows what's going on with the film, so there is still a good chance of being surprised.

filmmattic2799d ago

Haha, touchè! You are correct. The rampant proliferation of unsubstantiated, dubious rumors reminds me of the cycle of falsehoods that paraded Lebron James' 2010 free agent bonanza—Bulls, Knicks, Nets...oh wait, he's on the damn Heat.

alycakes2799d ago

I just want it to hurry up and get done. Been waiting a long time for this one.

gaden_malak2799d ago

Honestly, not a chance. There are too many characters as is, it will go the Spiderman 3 route and Nolan isn't that stupid.