Fright Night Poster Shows David Tennant In Mean Mode

Bleeding Cool says:

David Tennant‘s role in the Fright Night do-over is Peter Vincent. Who he? The poster describes him like this:

Entertainer. Collector. Vampire Killer?

No need to be coy. You can lose the question mark.

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Crazay2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I'm still reserved about this one but may have felt a slight hint of anticipation - could have been indigestion though. What I really need to see is a teaser or a full trailer.

artrexler2681d ago

I'm very nervous...I love the original!

Christopher2682d ago

Update to this has noted that this was a DeviantArt item.

I'm interested to see who they plan to do the remake, but not clamoring to see it in the theaters.

NMC20072681d ago

This movie will be an ultimate disaster and I am sure I will blow my top at whatever it turns out to be. I hope it gets cancelled, for the greater good.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32681d ago

The poster for the original film is one of the all time greats; they just don't make film posters like they used to. I fully expect to see an orange/blue color scheme when the actual poster is finally unveiled.

CobraKai2681d ago

Why does it have to be "Fright Night". Why not just do an original vampire movie?