Will Ferrell's 'Megamind' Has Huge Debut With $47.7M

Will Ferrell's plot to take over the weekend box office has succeeded.

Ferrell's animated super-villain comedy "Megamind" debuted as the No. 1 movie with $47.7 million. The voice cast also includes Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill.

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darklordzor2538d ago

Wow, after seeing the mediocre reviews, I'm really surprised at how well this one did. Not too shabby at all. I'm still wanting to check it out.

Sunny_D2536d ago

Man, Dreamworks have only made one really worthwhile movie and that was Shrek 1 and 2. Shrek 3 was lacking. And Shrek 4 is milking it. Pixar always make new original, innovative movies.

-Mezzo-2536d ago

I have always enjoyed Dreamworks movies & i agree with you on the Shrek thing, Shrek movie was great & it should have ended with the first 2, but no they messed it up by released 2 more unneeded sequels.

blur992536d ago

I don't know.
They made Antz and The Prince of Egypt

Soldierone2538d ago

Not suprising to me. With how much money went into advertising this movie, and the only competition it has got an R rating. It was like a sure victory, even with medicore reviews.

-Mezzo-2536d ago

Agreed, plus Animated movie are always a hit on the Box Office even with Mediocre reviews.

blur992537d ago

Just thrown big stars and insure a good 1st week at the cinema.
Now how it does after that remains to be seen.

gaden_malak2536d ago

I can't stand Will Ferrell.

-Mezzo-2536d ago

Come on man hes a funny guy, i personally enjoy his movies.

blur992536d ago

He good.
And he is showing up more and more in films. Sometimes his roles are too similar though.

-Mezzo-2536d ago

I will not disagree this, it get repetitive, but i still enjoy them, his latest movie 'The Other Guys' was really funny, i really hope they do a sequel to it.