The 4 Best and 5 Worst Gamer Movies Ever

The videogame stigma still surrounds any Hollywood attempt to recreate any of our favorite titles. While we wait for the next big screen attempt, look at the best and worst films based on videogames created

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kghapa2794d ago

I actually liked the Doom movie, I was really entertained...albeit stupidly so

darklordzor2794d ago

I enjoyed watching it too. Even when I was watching it, I knew it was garbage, but I couldn't pull away from it.

amsdesignphoto2794d ago

I agree! I don't know why but I was like a cobra in a trance watching it. It's odd as to why we are so intrigued with movies that are horrible. I need to rewatch it when I have a lapse of sanity.

almehdaaol2794d ago

That one should have made the list on "tweener"