Aquaman Needs To Be Good For DC's Sake

Aquaman is a superhero appearing in most American comic books published by DC Comics. This character was created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger in 1941. Earlier on, a backup feature in DC's anthology titles before Aquaman starred in several volumes of solo comic book series. In the late 1950s and 1960s superhero revival period known as the Silver Age, Aquaman was a founding member of the Justice League.

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steven83r153d ago

As long as the critics are Marvel fan boys it won't be. Justice League was destroyed by critics but the audience and fans who matter enjoyed it. That's all that matters. This movie is gonna be rated high because there is nothing to compare it to. Just like 90% of all Marvel movies. Batman and Superman movies will always be subjected to comparison to the great ones. Even a movie with Batman in it for 20 min is compared to Dark Knight.

PhantomS42153d ago

Nobody enjoyed Justice Leauge except for the people who are so determined for DCEU to have one halfway decent movie that they will say anything is good. Momoa isn't really that great of an actor and only played himself in JL instead of Aquaman. Much like all the DCEU characters he doesn't resemble AM in any way. Honestly, I hope it's good but that this point after all the flops in a row I'm not holding my breath. I know the quality of the DCEU.

Heavenly King153d ago

Justice league was horrible. Batman Vs Superman, Superman and Wonder Woman films were great, on par with marvel films

killswitch80153d ago

as long as it turns out Aquaman has a vagina it will do well