Racist Trolls Falsely Accuse Black People Of Assaulting Them At Black Panther Screenings

It seems bitter fans have taken to social media to spread false claims that they were attacked at screenings of Black Panther. The reports are all untrue.

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NewMonday299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

the Movie had great reception and great sales. Since they can't blame SJW for ruining it they have to make up stuff like this.

Retroman299d ago

white americans cant stand people of color to enjoy any HOPE. rather keep your mind enslaved.

Harkins1721298d ago

It’s a select group. Not just white Americans. Racism works both ways.

NewMonday298d ago

all the "white american" friends I know love the movie, they are a reason it's setting sales records.

you can love your tribe without hating another, racism and counter racism are wrong, you need to decide to be out of that loop.

MajorLazer298d ago (Edited 298d ago )


You're the racist, prick!

InTheZoneAC298d ago

please deport yourself, this is such a stupid comment

MasterChief3624298d ago

@thekhurg I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they misspoke and don't actually mean what it sounds like they mean. I think what they meant to say is that some people just can't let others celebrate a momentous movement in their culture and progress in society. But it came off extremely racist. But I think they misspoke.

I hope...

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BenjaMan64298d ago

Wow. One has to be a special kind of pathetic to go so far all to bash a movie.

Lokii298d ago

Nigger isn't a racist word. Since coloured people use it all the time

OMGitzThatGuy298d ago

Except no colored person actively uses that spelling and we use "nigga" as a term of reference. But keep using the -er version and try to justify your use. And the fact that you bought up that subject here where it wasn't even a topic proves that you need convince yourself that it is okay for you to use it regularly.

Lamboomington298d ago

Not really. 'Nigga' is used commonly, and from what I can see it's a cultural thing, a lifestyle kind of thing, so you can get away with using it for lots of reasons eg imitation, parody etc.

"Nigger" on the other hand... I've rarely seen it used in the same way as the other one. There's a big difference. It's much more derogatory and most people understand it as referring to the black person as a sub human. If you use this term (in the US atleast), you're going to piss people off.

DJ_Professor_K298d ago

What do you exspect when you are the most influential people try as they may we will always be the most talented and most brilliant minds and the best at whatever we do . we control what’s popular and what’s not all those hatters are known for is killing and mass distraction of the innocent and teaching and spreading trick knowledge . look at history with that said what’s new Violence has always been their way you can’t change the moon into the sun or water into sand it’s like trying to remove a color out of the color spectrum .hate doesn’t have to make sense everyone has choices before I go much love to those that love and to those that hate I’m just glad I’m not one of them and much love to all women much respect to white girls been down from day one

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