Finally, We Know Who Alfred Was Talking To In The Justice League Trailer

For the longest time, people have been wondering who Alfred is talking to at the end of the Justice League trailer. Here is the answer.

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HRoach61698d ago

It’s superman. Like everybody thought. Saved you a pointless click.

Dynisty98d ago

Not a pointless click if there is a video clip too. Why discourage people from actually reading and seeing things for themselves?

Ninte98d ago

Meh! The movie was a mess. The blueray release won't make any difference. I'm happy for stand alone movies right now so WB just put more focus on them, then bring the JL together again.

Minute Man 72198d ago

Saw a commercial for the digital release yesterday, they didn't fix the stach

IsaiahRogers97d ago

Why the hell wasn't this in the film?