Henry Cavill Reveals How His Mustache Was Removed In 'Justice League'


Henry Cavill - and his facial hair - were a huge topic of conversation for DC fans earlier this year. But it sounds like things were not as complicated behind the scenes of Justice League.

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StarWarsFan244d ago

How it was removed... Is shaving not possible anymore?

SarcasticDuck244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

" he wasn't able to shave the mustache because of his role in Mission Impossible 6". You could read the article before asking

KingPin244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

thats asking for a lot.
reading takes time. jumping to conclusions is easier and counts as exercise. he's knocking 2 birds with one stone here.


DillyDilly244d ago

He could not shave legally because of his Mission Impossible 6 contract

OffRoadKing244d ago

Legally not allowed to shave, LOL! This world has gone insane.

SojournUK243d ago

I remember when it was easier to glue a fake moustache on.