New Star Wars Canon: Luke is the Chosen One and Maul Really Hated the Sith


EB: The Twin Suns episode from Star Wars Rebels provided a very poetic close to the saga of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, but a dialogue exchange between the two has turned out to be monumental for the franchise. This is due to the fact that in just a few lines Maul and Kenobi have reshaped Star Wars lore as we know it, and it is canon as are all plot points and narratives from Star Wars Rebels.

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PapaBop428d ago

Still gotta catch up with rebels so avoiding this episode but really, Luke is actually the chosen one? That at the very least debunks the rather worrying leaked script I read for Episode 8 which went with Rey being the chosen one aka a reincarnation of Anakin.

HRoach616428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

It's all a big toss up but those rumors seem unlikely. The leading theory at the moment is Rey is a Kenobi.
I hope that's true. But I don't know why Disney wouldn't just announce a Ben Kenobi movie if they weren't planning to use his character somewhere in the main series. All the fans want it, ewan mcgregor said he would totally be up for it, it would print cash. Hopefully we will find out either way this December!

Also Rebels is pretty good. And that episode was really good

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