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Producer Sam Raimi Says The Last of Us Movie Stuck at a 'Standstill'


"Right now it's just sitting there. They don't want to move forward," said the film's producer.

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Soldierone608d ago

It was just bought to be had. It will sit on the shelf for years and years like many other adaptations.

Porcelain_Chicken608d ago

That may not be a bad thing. To us fans of the game an adaptation seems simple and straightforward. To a Hollywood executive it's a long tedious convoluted task that will leave the source material mostly untouched and completely unrecognizable. It's probably for the best.

Soldierone608d ago

I was thinking that too. It's probably best for most games to sit until the "video game adaptation" boom happens. Similar to comics it will take one good franchise before execs start taking them seriously. It might be a while because there is an arrogance in Hollywood where they believe video games can't properly tell stories....

Porcelain_Chicken608d ago

Agreed, we can partly thank Lucas and Spielberg for it. The "boom" will happen though. We can be sure of that! Just not soon enough sadly.