Justice League Dark: Trailer Debut for R-Rated DC Animated Movie


We're excited to debut the exclusive new trailer for Justice League Dark, the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie. It will hit Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in early 2017.

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Enigma_2099607d ago

What in the world are they doing in this movie that's rated R? And wouldn't you know it, ANOTHER DC animated movie that exposes the Killing Joke for the half @$$ed animation job it actually was. Insult to Hamill and Conroy.

SarcasticDuck607d ago

wtf has Hamill and Conroy had to do with the animation? Their only concern is the script and we all know it's a damn good script! (for the second half of the movie, i don't even consider the first part to exist)

blackblades607d ago

The killing was the worst dc animated movie I seen. Also imo I'm kinda getting tired of Batman movies and justice league movies that focused on batman more.

Porcelain_Chicken607d ago

This looks really good! Hopefully we can get back on track with the good animations. The R rating surprises me though. Probably due to all the demonic talk and some bloodshed.

Gaming4Life1981607d ago

DC Comics rules the animated realm and I hope they never stop making these movies.

blackblades607d ago

True that, marvel used to be good at one point with movies like hulk vs wolverine and thor. Don't know what happen with marvel animated movies but there animated series are good. DC series was good as well until they dropped them for justice league action and teen titans.