Mark Hamill May Have Confirmed Luke Skywalker’s Fate in Star Wars Episode VIII

EB: Earlier today on Twitter Mark Hamill shared a video of himself having his face shaved, which has been covered by a beard since May of 2015 for his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII and VIII, but the caption may foreshadow the Jedi Masters fate by the end of Episode VIII.

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joeorc655d ago

Well unless they changed the official storylines "again" Luke makes his Jedi academy and his Son and other students have including luke himself has to face one of the most deadly Dark Lords of the sith ever.even as a force ghost.

Exar Kun is or was a bad @ss

So that takes place well after this part in the time line.

madjedi655d ago (Edited 655d ago )

That was in the expanded universe, and some of it was fairly logical ie reestablishment of the jedi order, the remnants of the empire eventually making peace with the rebel alliance and some really crazy jumping the shark things. Yuszon vong, storm trooper zombies ect.

I seriously hope they don't touch thrawn or mara jade, it is bad enough as it currently is with rey instantly being a master of everything despite growing up alone on a desert planet, and the first order making the original empire look supremely competent.

It looks currently with the resistance and the first order like two retarded kids fighting each other, I really wish they had set it 5-7 years after rotj and recast the actors and stole some of the better stories from the eu than what I have seen so far.

Or go back to the old republic, better than rehashing episodes 4-6 again, anything from timothy zhan would be leagues better than tfa was. Hand of judgement or choices of one already had a better female lead than rey will likely ever be.

MilkMan655d ago

Sure hope they cut that 80's big hair haircut.

mahmoods26655d ago

Yes he's gonna die. Also what caption.

madjedi655d ago (Edited 655d ago )

That is a given the only question, is how much is luke going to look incompetent and helpless in order to make rey look that much more of an amazing strong empowered woman by comparison.

He was probably as powerful if not more so than master yoda in the eu, but so far i don't think anything from the eu is relevant to the new series.