10 Radical Ideas To Save The DC Extended Universe


The DC Extended Universe needs saving. People have argued that the poor critical reception for the films to date is because they’re made for the fans, not reviewers. They’ve pointed out that Batman Vs. Superman made nearly $875 million at box offices worldwide, while Suicide Squad is coming up on $600 million only weeks after release, despite the worst reviews to date.

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dota2champion661d ago

Huh? Henry cavill should no longer be superman because he was giving bad scripts?

gamejediben661d ago

The DCEU doesn't need saving.

What we need is better film critics. There is no way in hell that BvS or Suicide Squad deserved to have a 26% Tomatometer. Both films have much higher audience scores (Man of Steel also has a much higher audience score). Clearly, the critics got it wrong. We saw the same thing in the 80's when action films started becoming popular. Anybody remember the critic reviews for Predator?

Critics get tired of seeing certain types of films and start getting more critical than is necessary. Bottom line: critics and diapers need changing every so often.

Bobafret661d ago

Critics also fancy themselves wordsmiths and try to impress their peers with over the top vitriolic reviews. It's as if they enjoy hating movies.