Top Five Horror Movies Coming In 2017.

We all like a bit of a scare at times and horror movies is one of the best ways to do that. 2017 is going to be a crazy year for movies as we will see many reboots, remakes and sequels galore. It also seems it is also going to be a year of scares …

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pompombrum694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

So basically the top five horror movies to look forward to next year are remake remake remake remake sequel... *golfclap*

I can't actually believe they're already on remaking 90s horror movies, not sure if that's an indicator of just how bad Hollywood is getting these days or that I'm getting old.

Bitz694d ago

yeah i agree next year is a year for remakes. they should be coming up with something new.

Slappy McGee694d ago

Can i get a good werewolf movie Hollywood? Please?

No teen werewolf drama either. I want a monster ripping people to shreds.

Bitz694d ago

Horrors ain't what they used to be :(

TXIDarkAvenger693d ago

Didn't know they were remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer. Interesting. "It" is also coming out in 2017 I believe. Personally looking forward to that movie the most.

Silly gameAr693d ago

I'm not looking forward to any of those. The only horror movie I'm looking forward to that could hit in 2017 is IT.