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Disney Remakes In The Works.

What is it with all the Disney Remakes in the works. When it comes to Walt’s movies, no one is going to  be able to beat the originals no matter how hard they try. In my opinion they should be left well alone and stay the amazing movies that they where while I was growing …

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sonicwrecks694d ago

So many of these not needed when we could be getting new films or continuations.

dota2champion693d ago

They're not remakes, they are being adapted into live-action films, huge difference

Bitz693d ago

My opinion is of it already has a story and it's a classic then it's a remake. These movies do not need redone

Robert22388693d ago

They are not remaking their films, they are adapting animated films into live action. Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Pete's Dragon were all quite good. Bring on Beauty and the Beast!