Zendaya's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Role Revealed

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Signs point to the Disney Channel star Zendaya reprising Peter Parker's high school sweetheart Mary Jane Watson in Sony's "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

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dauntingpixel671d ago

No please no for the love of all that is holy don't let this be true. NONONO!

Porcelain_Chicken670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

Wow.... You too Marvel?! First Iris West and now Mary Jane... Our cute comic book redheads are going extinct...

-Foxtrot670d ago

Funny isn't it....Marvels casting has been spot on 9 times out of 10, yet the first time they are doing something with Sony it falls apart.

I mean Queens is a diverse place but this is a comic book adaptation and the characters found within the comic are blue prints, it's change for the sake of it.

Lets not forget like Gal Gadot as WW, this is all about eye candy, Zendaya is not a good actress.

Iris West
Mary Jane
Jimmy Olsen
Wally West
Electro (he's Auburn but it's close)

Hollywood hates Gingers/Red Heads

RetrospectRealm670d ago

"Zendaya is not a good actress"

Curious. What have you actually seen her in? Marvel is pretty good with casting so I trust them.

-Foxtrot670d ago

When an actor I've not heard of is announced I like to look up their past work

Boy it's not pretty. Basically Disney channel crap

Three cancelled shows she has had

FamilyGuy670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

I don't care about all that, I just feel like she's too tall lol
She's like 5'9 - 5'11, they need a taller Spider-man to match.

XisThatKid670d ago

I don't like her as my MJ but honestly she don't look bad in b red

669d ago
SarcasticDuck669d ago

Gal Gadot looks like WW. And the Wests being black are based on the new 52, the series just copied it.

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-Foxtrot670d ago (Edited 670d ago )


You can totally tell Sony still has control in this. Molly quinn would have been perfect

First Flash Thompson, from a big buff blonde haired jock guy to a scrawny, small, skinny Indian boy now this

dauntingpixel670d ago

wait...what? flash thompson is a small indian dude now? where was i when that happened?

-Foxtrot670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

A few weeks back


Is supposed to be this...


Rumour aswell is that he won't bully him in the physical sense but more intellectually. Him and Peter being rivals with who is smarter.

Tom Holland is 5 foot 6

Tony Revolori is 5 foot 5

The big bad bully who pushes Peter into lockers is smaller then Peter Parker ¬¬

I mean you can't make this shit up if you tried.

RetrospectRealm670d ago

Foxtrot is wrong. Tony Revolori, the guy playing Flash Thompson, is Guatemalan, not Indian...

Soldierone670d ago

Honestly the flash thompson casting is what bugs me the most. How the hell is someone smaller than Peter Parker supposed to be a bully to him?

-Foxtrot670d ago


Retro you make out like that's better, still not right to play the role regardless

669d ago
extermin8or670d ago

Except Sony doesn't have control. Can't blame Sony for it being fucked up. Far as anyone is aware marvel had as much ir more control over casting choices.

P_Bomb669d ago

Sony isn't doing the casting on this, they gave creative control to Disney as that was kind of the point of the deal. Jon Watts has reiterated this. Marvel/Disney have been a social justice pandering mess for a while now in the comics. It was only s matter of time before it bled into the movies. This is on them.

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HRoach616670d ago

This is still an unsubstantiated rumor. Nothing has been confirmed yet. So hopefully this turns out not to be true. nothing against the actress. But Mary Jane is a red head. That girl wouldn't look natural with red hair.
This would just be a change for the sake of making a change. Not because it improved any aspect of the film.

Soldierone670d ago

It's actually been confirmed at this point.

Also Emma Stone isn't a natural red head, she's blonde, yet people assume she is cus she is a red head in everything.

HRoach616670d ago

Who confirmed this? I've read the same story on 5 sites and non claim to have anything other than an inside source. So it's still a rumor till marvel says it's not

justy112670d ago

First off Soldierone, Emma Stone didn't play Mary Jane, She played Gwen Stacy who was Blonde in the Comics and Second off Mary Jane is suppose to be a super model who has Red Hair and is White.

Soldierone667d ago

@Justy Pretty sure everyone knows this, and I'm not stupid lol

The point is that she played Gwen, which is a blonde. People got mad because they assumed "oh she's a redhead though!!!" And she isn't. She changed her hairstyle to fit the roles she was given. Zendaya has a photoshopped image of her being a redhead and she actually looks good with red hair.

(Really didn't think I'd have to spell that out.)

dauntingpixel670d ago

can't they just leave things alone? what's wrong with leaving origins and the basis of characters alone?

669d ago
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