The Playlist Review: 'Hell Or High Water'

The Playlist:
Through the eyes of Englishman David Mackenzie, Texas is turned into a smoldering, dust-covered, Coens-esque environment, full of no-shit-taking colorful characters. The director’s follow-up to the gritty and ultra-raw jail flick “Starred Up” is much lighter on its feet, leaning on “Sicario” screenwriter Taylor Sheridan and his brimful of whip-smart hijinks that pepper the picture with entertaining zest. Lead by three impressive actors in Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster, “Hell or High Water” belongs more to the caper genre than the western, no matter how much its gorgeous vistas of the Texan plains (as shot by Giles Nuttgens) might beg to differ. But though it doesn’t have the minimalist and quiet grandiosity of a western, the film deftly tucks themes of generations lost underneath its humorous surface.

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