No, Jared Leto Did Not Say "F**k 'Em!" To WB Regarding Suicide Squad Or Playing The Joker Again


After several Camp Mars attendees began to dispute the accuracy of the original Tumblr post, the "source" has now clarified that Jared Leto's comments about Suicide Squad were taken out of context.

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Porcelain_Chicken672d ago

I kinda wish he had. Jeremy Irons already gave BvS a kick in the nuts. I wouldn't mind Jared Leto doing the same for Suicide Squad and then maybe Warner Brothers can stop sh-tting on theatrical cuts. The BvS theatrical cut was polarizing while the Ultimate cut was actually pretty good. And now they pulled the same sh-t with Suicide Squad! I understand Leto's frustration. He was hyped up by WB and the media for months and then his scenes get cut, pretty close to nothing.... And then he's the one that gets criticized for it. Not them. Step your game up Warner Brothers!! The pieces are all there just stop f--King them up!!!!