A Creepy New Look at Pennywise the Clown's Aged Costume from Stephen King's 'It'


Imagine this staring at you from inside the concrete chamber of a storm drain.

We’ve already gotten a close-up of Pennywise the Clown from the new film version of Stephen King’s It (out Sept. 8, 2017), but here we step back for a fuller view of the creature that likes to take the form of a leering, sinister clown.

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-Foxtrot677d ago

Hmmmm seems like they are trying too hard to be scary

Tim Curry just looked like a normal clown until he opened his mouth and you saw the teeth.

dauntingpixel677d ago

i likeed the tim curry version a lot. i found the thing with the other version is he looked mostly innocent but then he turns out not to be,

Aldous_Snow676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

No way!!I never knew that was Tim Curry. Love that guy. He was creepy as hell. Definately one of the scariest characters I can remember...

Well theres that old guy from Poltergeist 2 & 3 too, who gave me nightmares so less said about him the better

Everytime I think about Tim Curry, I just keep hearing him sayin "The City of Zinge" over and over in my head

-Foxtrot676d ago

I used to remember Tim Curry from a load of different things but these days when I see him I think of the nipple scene in Scary Movie 2 XD

alycakes676d ago

I won't watch it. I saw the first one and that was enough to make me hate clowns for the rest of my life.

675d ago
level 360675d ago

It's trying really hard to be like a sort of creepy Joker played by Heath Ledger from the Batman movie but fails. Clowns are supposed to look funny first and then have a very dark underlying tone second - A Jekyll and Hyde persona.

KingPin675d ago

somehow im more scared of a normal looking clown than this image.
agree with most here that they are indeed trying way too hard.

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