South African Hip-Hop Act Claim Suicide Squad Stole Their Style


South African rap-rave outfit Die Antwoord have struck another blow to ailing superhero movie Suicide Squad, calling out director David Ayer over claims he “jocked” their style The argument stems from claims by the band’s Yolandi Visser, who in...

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Porcelain_Chicken678d ago

Took me close to an hour to decipher the hyrogliphics this man wrote but after doing so, wow!! So, he stole their looked without permission?! I mean they are both heavily tatted. And they are both wearing a trench coat in that one picture... Not sure if that alone qualifies as "jocking ur style". I know Heath Ledger's look and mannersims were inspired by Sid Vicious. So take the compliment Mr. Ninja!

Soldierone678d ago

This guy can't act professional in the slightest way, what makes you think anyone will believe him? He's probably on crack and was tweaking out when he wrote that rant.....

StarWarsFan678d ago

Yeah, body tattoos... nobody else does that.

Akira2020678d ago

Hey, wasn't he and that chick in the robot movie "Chappie"?