The Hidden Optimism of Suicide Squad - Murderous Heroism

It's saying something when a cinematic franchise has failed three times over and keeps going. In most other eras it might be unique, even a bizarre oddity reserved to Italian knock-off schlock, but Hollywood practically seems to run on it these days. Between the live action Transformers dreck, the Expendables films, and, well, you've probably already thought of a dozen other ones, it seems to make up a good third of big budget films these days. It's especially bad when a franchise screws up multiple internationally recognised icons of justice and hope, turning them into murderers, thieves and psychopaths in the name of financial greed. Hello, Warner Bros, how is that quick and easy path to a cinematic universe coming along, anyway?

To call Warner Bros' efforts inept would be like calling the sea "wet". It's just redundant by this point, and despite their demands ruining Green Lantern (which proved to be middlingly bad), Man of Steel (has points worthy of discussion) and Batman v Superman (What the hell were you thinking!?) they seem to have learned nothing. Yet, what makes it fascinating is just how their failure has taken on a new form with this new film, turning a group of unscrupulous murderers into sympathetic heroes even as they ruin the Justice League.

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