Suicide Squad Rating Criticized by Judd Apatow


Directors Judd Apatow and Mike Birbiglia have called out the MPAA ratings board for giving Suicide Squad a PG-13 while Don't Think Twice got an R.

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supes_24658d ago

I can care less about the rating, I saw the movie last night and I freaking enjoyed the hell out if it. Great movie with a team of villains. Harley Quinn on the big screen! Finally! She played the part perfectly, and The Joker was amazing. The laugh, his voice, all bring you back to the DC animated movies. DC hit a home run IMO with Suicide Squad.

Juiceid658d ago

Thanks for ruining my expectations! I was expecting a horrible, no fun, mess of a movie tomorrow! Now, I might enjoy it.

Chevalier658d ago

Weird I quite enjoyed it as well. My friends all did as well. Don't really understand all the terrible reviews. Especially the one that suggest Green Lantern or Fantastic Four was better.....

Juiceid657d ago

I'm sure it will be cool. Batman vs superman wasn't that bad. Some people have certain expectations that just have to be met, or else!!!

mafiahajeri657d ago

What? The jokers laugh has nothing, absolutely nothing in common with Mark Hamill's joker don't even compare the two because there is no comparison. He just sounded like he was imitating heath ledgers joker.

His laugh was pretty damn annoying if anything, sounded forced.

Porcelain_Chicken657d ago

I agree, personally I loved it! More than I thought I would! Bring on Wonder Woman!!!

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mafiahajeri657d ago

It was a shit jumbled up mess, the Joker is terrible. Harley was good but all in all it was just crap. It was hella predictable, and the main villians were a freaking joke, the way they got taken out was just so stupid and begs the question as to why the military couldn't have taken care of them.